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Ko Nang Yuan

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The private island of Ko Nang Yuan sitting off the northwest coast of Ko Tao audaciously charges admission to all visitors -- we're not fans of the island because of this policy.

Those who stay here tend to enjoy the island in the early morning and later afternoon, but in the middle of the day the island tends to be overrun with daytrippers. It's not like Ko Nang Yuan has an oversupply of beach real estate, so things get very crowded very quickly -- especially when the divers arrive.

Yes the island is very pretty -- it's formed by three separate rocky outcrops connected by a three-pronged whitesand beach, much of which is submerged at high tide. The view from the southernmost outcrop is particularly impressive but overall what could've a beautiful day trip has been somewhat marred by development.

There is some great snorkelling at Japanese Gardens, which is one of the bays created by the islands. You can take a longtail here too, snorkel from the boat, and you won't get charged by the island nor miss anything either.

Ko Tao also offers plenty of other gorgeous spots that don't charge for the privilege of setting foot on dry land.

Regular longtails from Mae Haad can whisk you out here for 500B for one person and otherwise 300B per person for the return trip. The island's owners will charge you another 100B per person to set foot here -- how's that for a welcome?

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Text and/or map last updated on 30th October, 2013.

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