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Hoi An


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1: An Huy Hotel
2: An Phu Hotel
3: Dai Long Hotel
4: Ha An Hotel
5: Hoa Binh
6: Hoi An Hotel
7: Hop Yen Hotel
8: Life Resort
9: Minh A Guest House
10: Minh Quang Hotel
11: Nhi Trung
12: Phu Thinh 1 Hotel
13: Phuong Dong Hotel
14: Thanh Binh 2 Hotel
15: Thanh Binh 3
16: Thanh Xuan Hotel
17: Thien Nga Hotel
18: Thien Thanh Bluesky Hotel
19: Thuy Duong 3
20: Vinh Hung 2 Hotel

Eat and Meet
A: Brother's Cafe
B: Cafe Des Amis
C: Cargo Club
D: Com ga shops
E: Good Morning Vietnam
F: Faifoo Restaurant
G: Hai Scout Cafe
H: Mango Rooms
I: Mi Quang stands
J: Mermaid
K: Restaurant Cafe 96
L: Shree Ganesh (formerly Omar's)
M: Tam Tam Cafe
N: Tam Tam Garden
O: Treat's 'Same Same' Cafe
P: Van Loc

Attractions and Activities
1: Cham Island Diving Centre
2: Handicrafts Workshop
5: Japanese Bridge
6: Phuc Kien (Fujian) Assembly Hall
7: Phung Hung House
9: Quan Cong Temple
10: Quang Dong (Cantonese) Assembly Hall
11: Quan Thang House
12: Rainbow Divers
13: Reaching Out (Hoa Nhap) Handicrafts
14: Song Hoi Tourist
15: Tan Ky House
16: Tran Family Chapel
17: Museum of History and Culture
18: Museum of Trade Ceramics
19: Museum of Sa Huynh Culture
20: Museum of Folk Culture
23: Trieu Chau (Chaozhou) Assembly Hall

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Vital Information
3: Hoi An Office of Tourist Services
4: Hospital
8: Post Office
21: Sacombank
22: TechCom Bank
24: Vietcom Bank

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