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Look after your banking needs at Acleda and Canadia Banks. Both have ATMs and money exchange facilities. The latter has Western Union services.

Internet cafes are dotted around town, with the best selection on the road running between the old bridge and the traffic circle. A few places offer WiFi access, including Jasmine and Bokor Mountain Lodge.

The post office is at the southern end of Kampot, on the River Rd, past Rikitikitavi.

There's a basic hospital a block north of the old bridge, but for anything remotely serious you're better off heading to Phnom Penh.

Kepler's Kampot Books, between Coco House and Epic Arts Cafe offers second hand books for sale and exchange. Blissful Guesthouse has a smaller collection.

Many guesthouses offer bicycles for rent ($1.50) and some can also organise motorcycle hire (from $4).

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