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Where should I stay in Siem Reap?
The Airport road
Convenient to your hotel and the airport -- that is about it. Lined with dozens of mostly characterless faux-four star hotels, the Airport Road has slim pickings when it comes to fine lodgings. Most everything will be a motorbike or tuk tuk ride away, so don't even stay here trying to save money, you're better off staying closer to town.

The French Quarter
Between Sivatha Rd and the Siem Reap River, some excellent mid-to upper range options lie in this part of town, including some of Siem Reap's most fabulous hotels. On the other side of Sivatha Rd though you're back to backpacker and flashpacker lodgings -- none of which are the pick of the bunch.

Old market
While a handful of budget lodgings feature around here, some of which are very good, the old market area is more of a shopping, feasting and drinking zone. You can choose to stay in the heart of the old market, or across Sivatha Road there's a bunch of budget guesthouses.

Wat Bo
The backpacker's heartland -- loads of good budget guesthouses along with some pretty exceptional mid-range resorts. The old market area is a pleasant 15 minute riverside walk away.

Towards Angkor Wat
A few hotels are scattered further afield, particularly on the road to Angkor, but what you gain in proximity to the ruins, you lose in distance from Siem Reap town and its rich selection of eateries and other distractions.

Siem Reap is a smallish but fast growing city. Here are some contact details for services you may require, including hospitals and banks.

Medical care and emergencies
In the unlikely event that you need to be hospitalised, head to Bangkok. Otherwise the following may be helpful.

Royal Angkor International Hospital
Also known as "Referral Hospital", this is the best all-round medical facility in Siem Reap. It's clean, efficient and has the closest thing to an A&E department this side of the Thai border. They offer an ambulance service (call the number below) and work with a sister hospital in Bangkok, to which emergency patients can be sent in a hurry.
Route 6 Airport Rd, Siem Reap
T: (063) 761 888

Naga International Clinic
Run by an efficient Dutch doctor who speaks excellent English, Naga is probably your best bet if you don't need a full-on hospital. Consultation fees start at $10, appointments advised.
660 Huop Guan St, Central Market Area (parallel to Samdech Tech Vong St and behind the main ANZ Royal Bank), Siem Reap
T: (092) 793 180

Doctors Rithy Kong & Sok Leng
These two Khmer doctors speak basic English and French and have received solid reports for basic care. With quick and free consultations and $5 per appointment, it's a cheap option for minor bumps and bruises. You can just show up -- no appointments necessary.
Behind Akira Electricals
Route 6 Phnom Penh Rd, Siem Reap

Angkor Hospital for Children
This is a non-profit hospital that mainly provides quality care to Cambodian children but is open to foreigners as well. Even if nothing is wrong, this is a worthy place to make a donation.
Achamean St, Siem Reap
T: (063) 963 409 F: (063) 760 452
The Tourist Police have an office on Route 6, but can be contacted by telephone.
T: (012) 402 424. They have a reputation for being helpful, and can speak English.

Money matters
Siem Reap is now awash with banks and international access ATMs. You should not have any problems accessing your money here. ANZ Royal remains the bank of choice among most foreign travellers. As always, take care to protect your PIN from prying eyes.

ANZ Royal has at least four international access
ATMs in Siem Reap. There is one at either end of Pub Street (one of them is inside the uCare Pharmacy), one at the Lucky Mall, and one beside Angkor Market.

ANZ Royal
566-570 Tep Vong Rd

Canadia Bank
558-559 Phsar Chas Rd, T: (063) 964 815

18A Sivatha Blvd. T: (063) 963 838

Post & internet
There are almost as many internet cafes in Siem Reap as there are tuk tuk drivers, so you shouldn't have any problem getting online. Post is likewise simple and straightforward, though expensive and the service is unpredictable. Do not send valuables or money under any circumstances.

The main post office in Siem Reap is on the river road, near the FCC Angkor. Travel agents and some guesthouses may also offer to post your mail for a small fee.

Internet cafes are scattered all over Siem Reap, particularly in the Old Market area. Rates are as little as 2,000 riel per hour, but you should note that not all internet cafes are born equally, and you will get what you pay for. WiFi is increasingly common at cafes, some restaurants and bars and at hotels and guesthouses. Indeed, the number of internet cafes is dwindling as hotels fill the gap.

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