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  • Tourists behaving badly in Siem Reap

    Much has already been written about the lack of respect shown by scantily-clad backpackers oblivious to the fact that ancient sites such as Angkor Wat are still places of worship. ... Read more.

  • Understanding more about Buddhism in Siem Reap

    Since the days of Jayavarman VII, the warrior king who reigned from 1181 to 1220, Buddhism has dominated Cambodian religious life ... Read more.

  • Diarrhoea in Siem Reap

    You’ll learn a lot of weird and wonderful things in Southeast Asia, some of it even quite useful. For example, I now know that no matter how loud I scream, the spider still won’t go away (or my husband come to the rescue anymore). ... Read more.

  • A spate of bag snatchings in Siem Reap

    I was going to write about the best spots for sinking a beer while watching the day slip down over the horizon, but something has come up so you’ll have to wait for that little ray of sunshine. ... Read more.

  • Pachem Dental Clinic

    Gangs of Westerners roam Thailand hunting out affordable plastic surgeons in order to ameliorate, elevate or eradicate various bits and bobs about their person, and the land of smiles is a top destination for cheap dental surgery too. ... Read more.

  • How to report suspected child abuse in Siem Reap

    It’s difficult to imagine what a child sex abuser might look like, but if you have suspicions about someone, knowing what to do when you’re in a foreign country, one that to many appears essentially lawless, can be difficult. ... Read more.

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    Medical care in Siem Reap

    It seems fatuous to say it, largely because it is fatuous to say it, but the best advice for health care in Siem Reap is don’t get sick in the first place. ... Read more.

  • Siem Reap weather: When is the best time to visit?

    Enthusiastic travel agents will tell you there is never a bad time to visit Siem Reap. Which is sort of true, as long as you are flexible with how you spend your precious time once you get here ... Read more.

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    Siem Reap is a smallish but fast growing city. Here are some contact details for services you may require, including hospitals and banks. ... Read more.

  • Siem Reap’s baby milk scam

    Streetwise visitors to Siem Reap should know that giving money to begging children is tantamount to giving money directly to the adults who force them to work the streets in the first place. So when a child, or even an adult, approaches you on Pub Street and asks you to buy milk for their baby instead, surely that’s okay. Isn’t it? ... Read more.

  • Dealing with a medical emergency in Siem Reap

    When a friend suffered a nasty fall recently whilst crossing a street in a flash flood I realised that knowing how to find a good doctor fast in Siem Reap could come in useful. ... Read more.

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