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There is a new hospital in town which is located at the roundabout which serves as the junction of routes 11 and 18. It’s so new that it's one of the most modern facilities in the whole of Laos outside of Vientiane. Still, it’s rudimentary by Western standards and a mad dash to Thailand or even Vietnam if you have a visa may be worth considering if you have an emergency.

A BCEL ATM is located across the road from the Dokchampa Hotel along the main road about a kilometre west of the market. Currency exchange is also available here during business hours. A better place for currency exchange, however, is the Duc Loc Hotel. The hotel currency exchange is open outside of business hours and the rates on offer are quite good. Dong, baht and dollars can all be exchanged.

The post office is two blocks back from the main road towards the eastern end of town in an overgrown and oversized block of land.

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