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Paske is situated at the confluence of two rivers: the Mekong and the Se Don. The vast majority of the accommodation, services and restaurants, western travellers are interested in is located on or near the eastern bank of the Se Don, easily accessed on foot, though there are a couple of popular, high-range hotels further east along Road 13. There's a scattering of guesthouses even further east, but all of them are in inconvenient, isolated locations and cater almost exclusively to Asian tour groups.

The roads of Pakse are numbered in no particular order, and street signs are non-existent, so if you're going to spend any time here, you'll benefit from a good map. To supplement your handy-dandy Travelfish map, the Champasak Tourist and Pakse City map offers a pretty good view of the city streets, though they place the Sedone Guest House on the wrong side of the river, and the road map is pretty much useless for trips to the surrounding areas. The big, green, Lao PDR government Map of Pakse offers a similar view of the town, but doesn't list much accommodation along the river -- the regional road map is slightly better, but still confusing and leaves out all the major sites!

Internet is available at many guesthouses and cafes scattered across town.

BCEL has ATMs dotted around town as do a few other banks. Currency exchange is available all along Route 13 at guesthouses and restaurants and also on Route 11 at the BCEL office, but rates are poorer there and it's only open on weekdays.

Post Office
Located on Road 8 just off of Road 11 south of the town center. Hours are 08:00 to 12:00 and 13:00 to 17:00, every day. Western Union is available on weekdays only.

Tourist Information
Next to the Lao Airlines office is the Provincial Tourism Office. The information provided here is quite good with listings of hotels, bus information, tour operators and all the stuff you'd expect from a provincial tourism office.

Lao Airlines has an office next door and is able to book you on flights to a range of destinations around Laos and internationally. T: (031) 212 252

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