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Things in Tha Khaek are pretty spread out -- the most popular place to stay, the Tha Khaek Travel Lodge, isn't convenient to much of anything but the 3km Market.

The 3km market, which is a good place to pick up a wide variety of goods, is located 3km south of the roundabout. This is also where you can catch tuk-tuks to surrounding areas.

Internet is available nowhere that we could find, except one terminal at the Tha Khaek Travel Lodge -- 500 kip per minute, and kinda slow.

The Laos Development Bank is right next to the roundabout. You can exchange US dollars, kip and baht. Travellers checks can be cashed for no commission if you want kip, US$1 per note for dollars. No credit card advances are available. Hours weekdays 08:30 to 15:30. T: (021) 213 300. F: (021) 213 304. The BCEL is on Vientiane road, south of the roundabout.

The post office is located a kilometre south of the roundabout on Kuvoravong Rd, open daily 08:00 to 23:45, T: (051) 212 004, F: (051) 212 327. Western Union is available here, weekdays from 08:30 to 16:30.

The new Tourism Information Centre, is south of the roundabout and right next to a local school that has a prominent ferris wheel on its grounds.

The Hospital is located just south of town along the river road, 600 metres south of the fountain square.

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