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Salavan is bordered by a loop of the Sekong River to the east, and the roads are laid out in a roughly rectangular grid, making it easy to learn your way around. A good job, since there are no road names or road signs to be found. Most of what you'll need is located in and around a rectangle of cross-streets between the road out of town to the south, the white stupa to the north, the river to the east, and the Salavan market to the west. We saw some tuk-tuks at the bus station, but it would be hard to scare one up if you're just roaming the streets, so you should count on walking or using your own transport.

There is no publicly-available internet anywhere in Salavan -- or none we could find anyway -- but 3G is available on Unitel.

The Laos Telecom office (T:(034) 211 005), west of the Salavan market, offers faxing and long-distances telephone services -- calls cost 2,000 kip per minute, open weekdays 08:00 to 17:00.

The Post Office (T: (034) 211 251) is located right next door, and Western Union transfers are available here: open weekdays 08:00 to 16:30.

A BCEL ATM is located at the northeast corner of the market and the Lao Development Bank is nearby, but only open in business hours. Currency exchange is available.

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