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The river flows in a northerly direction. As you approach from the main road, you'll be on the eastern bank, near the Tad Hang falls, where most of the accommodation and what not are. Across the bridge on the west bank are a branch of the Tad Lo Lodge and Saise Resort.

Heading east from the bridge, on the right, you'll find the Visitors Information Centre. Not a lot of English is spoken, but there's a good deal of info up on the walls, and you can make arrangements for a local guide here. Tim Guesthouse across the street is also a great place to stop in for information, if you can buttonhole the one guy there that speaks English well.

Tim Guesthouse is also you're only option for internet -- the guy who runs the place just lets you use his computer and charges 1,000 kip per minute. Definitely an emergency option only for most travellers. Otherwise, wait until you return to Pakse.

The nearest post offices, hospitals and police stations are in Lao Ngam (15km) and Salavan (30km). The provincial hospital in Salavan is said to be better than the district hospital in Lao Ngam, but for anything series, try to get yourself to Pakse, or better yet, Vientiane or Thailand. There is a local clinic up the road, three km past the Tad Lo lodge. For other emergencies, locals will muck in and try to help sort things out -- there aren't any police in the village at all.

As far as money goes, there aren't any banks but Tim Guesthouse will exchange currency at unattractive rates, so be sure to bring enough cash for your stay here.

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