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  • Useful apps for navigating Singapore

    And when in Rome ... these are just some of the many useful apps to help you get around Singapore and maximise your enjoyment of a visit here. ... Read more.

  • Travel health clinics in Singapore

    Travel to Singapore poses minimal health risks, but if you’re using the city-state as a launching point for more exotic destinations you may want to pay a visit to one of its world-class travel health clinics for a vaccination or malaria tablets. Here’s a rundown. ... Read more.

  • Where to exchange money in Singapore

    After a trip through Southeast Asia you’re bound to have some leftover Thai baht and Malaysian ringgit lining your pockets. Why not exchange it for Singapore dollars at one of the city-state’s abundant money changers? ... Read more.

  • Internet cafes in Singapore

    Thankfully, if you need to do some impromptu web surfing, printing, or Skyping a few internet cafes survive in all of the city’s central neighbourhoods. ... Read more.

  • Getting online on the go in Singapore

    For travellers in Singapore wishing to stay connected, we’d suggest investing in a prepaid mobile SIM card with a data plan to get online on the go. ... Read more.

  • Where to buy a prepaid 3G micro SIM in Singapore

    If you need a prepaid 3G micro SIM card to fit your iPhone or iPad they are only available at select locations. ... Read more.

  • How to buy a local SIM card in Singapore

    Once you see what your hotel is charging per minute, it might be smart to invest in a local SIM card for your own +65 phone number. All you need to get started is your passport and as little as $8. ... Read more.

  • The best free iPhone Apps for Singapore

    With one of the most tech savvy populations in the world, it’s not surprising there are lots of apps for making life in Singapore a little easier, Here are the best free Singapore apps to keep you busy. ... Read more.

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