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  • Khao San Road safety and scams

    There's been talk on the Travelfish forum that Thailand's backpacker nerve centre, Khao San Road, is little more than a ... Read more.

  • Essentials

    The sheer size of Bangkok can be intimidating for the first-time visitor, but with a bit of confidence (and research), you'll find that it’s one of the easier Asian mega-cities to tackle independently. ... Read more.

  • Avoiding Bangkok scams

    Bangkok scams are rampant. A while back we featured a story on scams throughout Thailand, but The Big Mango deserves some special attention. Now you might fancy yourself a savvy traveller, but these scammers are skilled. ... Read more.

  • Bangkok Immigration Office

    A few years ago the Bangkok immigration office moved to a gargantuan modern building off Chaeng Watthana Road, not far from Don Muang airport in the city's northern reaches. Here's a wrap on what can be done up at Chaeng Watthana. ... Read more.

  • Bangkok hospital recommendations

    It's not what you normally want to think about on holiday, but sometimes you just need to see the doctor. Luckily, Bangkok is an oasis of world-class medical care -- on par with Singapore and Hong Kong but often with better prices. ... Read more.

  • BNH Travel Clinic

    If you’ve left home without arranging vaccines or malaria treatment, or have made a mid-journey change of destination that carries a higher-risk of a tropical disease, there is an excellent place in Bangkok to turn to for preventive medical treatment: BNH Travel Clinic. ... Read more.

  • Faux pas and proper etiquette in Bangkok

    Bangkok can seem to be a world within itself; but it is, indeed, still in Thailand. Hoards of foreigners, known as “farang” in Thai, travel in and out of the city daily, and many have made Bangkok their permanent residence. ... Read more.

  • Bangkok for beginners

    Arriving to any new city, you soon realise how there are 10 million mysterious things going on. To avoid that type of confusion when you roll into Bangkok, here are a few tid-bits that will hopefully answer those first day questions. ... Read more.

  • Haggling in Bangkok

    There are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to haggle and those who would rather be ripped off and saved the embarrassment of a little playful banter. For those who would rather not be taken for a ride on their trip to Bangkok, you’ll be pleased to know haggling is expected and enjoyed by many vendors (the exception is food). ... Read more.

  • What to bring with you to Bangkok

    Your flight is in three hours, and your suitcase is empty. What should you bring? Bangkok has pretty much everything you could possibly need, but there are still a handful of items you might want to bring from home. ... Read more.

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    Pedestrian safety

    Bangkok reveals itself in the details: the intricacy of flower garlands sold along footpaths; overpowering scents from a flaming wok; an old man peering out from his medicine shop. The only way to fully appreciate it is on foot, but walking in Bangkok can be dangerous if you’re not prepared. Keep our pedestrian safety tips in mind to ensure that your urban exploration will leave you in one piece. ... Read more.

  • What to wear in Bangkok

    While on the backpacker trail it's easy to get lulled into a false sense of bikinis-are-appropriate-everywhere. But do bear something in mind: Bangkok is not a beach town and that soupy khlong is not the sea. Despite the insufferable humidity, Bangkokians are quite chic and they appreciate when tourists do what they can to observe local etiquette. ... Read more.

  • What you can buy in Bangkok

    What should you buy in Bangkok rather than at home? Here's a list of items you may have assumed are not readily available on this side of the world and may even save some cash picking up here. ... Read more.

  • Bangkok on a budget

    Enjoying Bangkok on a budget is very possible. Compared to Southeast Asian cities like Singapore or Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok is a bargain. However, if your point of reference is the rest of Thailand (excluding some of the islands), Bangkok starts to look a little steep. Taking a few minutes to plot out your day will help to save baht in the long run. Here’s what you might like to consider. ... Read more.

  • Sunsets -- and the weather -- in Bangkok

    Sundown in Bangkok is a frenzied time. Taxis and buses struggle through clogged streets; the sky train and subway are overrun. Food vendors come out in force as the sun sinks over the Chao Phraya River, out of sight for most. ... Read more.

  • Getting a Vietnamese visa in Bangkok

    Ignore all of the touts on Khao San Road and don't worry about finding a travel agent to process your visa to Vietnam; it's insanely easy to get by yourself (and cheaper). Here's how to do it in Bangkok. ... Read more.

  • Getting a Burma (Myanmar) visa in Bangkok

    Getting a visa for Burma (Myanmar) in Bangkok can seem difficult as there is a lot of conflicting information out there, but the process isn’t quite as hard as some would have you believe. Getting the visa is fairly straightforward, but making sure that you have all of the necessary documents available is important. ... Read more.

  • Getting an Indian visa in Bangkok

    Getting a visa to India in Bangkok takes a little longer and is a bit more complicated than for most other Asian countries, but it's not rocket science if you know where to look. ... Read more.

  • Getting a Chinese visa in Bangkok

    Southeast Asia’s northern border bumps into China, but Southeast Asia doesn’t really stop there. Take one look at the food, architecture, and language of people living in Yunnan or Guangxi and you’ll see reflections of their southern neighbors. But you will need a Chinese visa to do that, and here's how. ... Read more.

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