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  • Burning season in Chiang Mai

    Burning season is once again engulfing Chiang Mai in a worrying haze ... Read more.

  • Obtaining a Chinese visa in Chiang Mai

    Need a Chinese visa in Chiang Mai? There is a Chinese consulate plus attached visa section in the city and while it used to be very straightforward when we last applied a couple of years back, it seems to have got a bit more complicated recently. Here’s what to do. ... Read more.

  • How to do a Mae Sai visa run

    If your tourist visa is about to expire and you’re in Northern Thailand, the quickest and easiest solution to staying longer is to cross into Burma for a couple of hours and receive a 15-day or 30-day visa-free stay (depending on nationality) upon your return back into Thailand. ... Read more.

  • Chiang Mai immigration

    No-one enjoys visiting Chiang Mai immigration office but for all expats and many tourists in Thailand’s northern capital an occasional visit is unavoidable, so here are a few tips on how to make your trip as painless as possible. ... Read more.

  • The British Consulate, Chiang Mai

    We did previously do a general outline of consulates in Chiang Mai but since it was dear old Liz’s jubilee recently (you can’t have missed that — it even brought tears to the eyes of some of our French mates!) and of course with the London Olympics raring to go very soon (you’re going to have to try very hard to miss that one!) we thought we’d do a brief snapshot on Chiang Mai’s British consulate. ... Read more.

  • Natural medicines for travellers: Chiang Mai’s Arun Thai

    This is a slight departure from our usual topics as we look at an excellent new Chiang Mai initiative in the field of natural medicines and beauty treatments. ... Read more.

  • Chiang Mai scams?

    Some of our other regional Travelfish.org blogs have been busy of late giving you the rundown on popular and prevalent scams in their respective patches (such as here and here) so we thought we’d do the same for Chiang Mai… the only problem is we can’t find any! ... Read more.

  • Chiang Mai: Consulates and visas

    Due to Chiang Mai’s location and its role as the kingdom’s second city visitors often expect more substantial consular presences in Chiang Mai than there actually are ... Read more.

  • Chiang Mai’s Old City and Cambodia’s Angkor Thom

    I had a mate from Siem Reap visit me in Chiang Mai recently. He’s a guide, so knows Angkor Thom, Angkor Wat, Ta Phrom and so on inside out ... Read more.

  • Common snakes of downtown Chiang Mai

    We’ll begin with a warning — not about snakes, as the majority of those are pretty harmless, but about our identification abilities ... Read more.

  • The yetis of Northern Thailand

    Any self-respecting country laying claim to ‘wilderness areas’ has to have them! ... Read more.

  • The ‘Ghost Lake’ of Mae Rim

    Now we’re not adding this to the Chiang Mai see and do section — nor even suggesting this for “hikes and walks” or “entertainment”. ... Read more.

  • What is a good time to visit Chiang Mai and Northern Thailand?

    When should I visit northern Thailand and Chiang Mai is a very FAQ; there are pros and cons for each period of the year but before we go into that, let’s address a couple of common climate misconceptions, namely: 1. Chiang Mai and northern Thailand are cool (temperature-wise) and 2. The rainy season is a no-no. ... Read more.

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