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Ko Lipe is a small island, a very small island. Arguably one of the smallest islands in Thailand that does a steady tourist trade. So small in fact, you can walk around the entire island in a matter of hours.

The island has three main beaches, Pattaya Beach, Sunrise Beach and Sunset Beach, all of which are interconnected by a network of sand/dirt footpaths. You WILL NOT need to hire a motorbike on Ko Lipe.

Koh Lipe.com is an excellent external resource for visitors to Ko Lipe, with information about ferry times, accommodations, diving, and other activities.

The Chao Lay village has a small medical clinic, but for anything more serious than a cut finger, it would be wisest to head to the mainland.

There are NO banks on Ko Lipe. Be sure to bring enough cash with you. Pooh's can arrange cash advances for the truly desperate (8%), but it is much easier if you just bring enough cash with you.

Internet access is available by expensive satellite connections. The going rate is 3B/minute and there are computers at Pooh's, Books Cafe, and the resorts on Pattaya Beach. Books Cafe sells/buys/exchanges used novels, magazines, and travel guides, and sells postcards and stamps.

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