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Your banking needs can be looked after at Bangkok Bank on Buriwanit Rd and Siam Commercial Bank and the Bank of Ayudhya side-by-side on Satun Thanee Rd. All have ATMs, foreign exchange, and Western Union services.

The post office is on Samantha Pradit Rd, just past the Satun Thanee Rd intersection. It has EMS and overseas phone facilities upstairs and is open Mon – Fri: 08:30 – 16:30, Sat, Sun, Holidays: 09:00 – 12:00.

The police station (T: (074) 71 1025) is a five minute walk from the town centre up Satun Thanee Rd and the main hospital (T: (074) 71 1028) is off Satun Thanee Rd, just past the police station. The Immigration Office (T: (074) 71 1080) is on Burivanich Rd, just north of Satun Library.

There are a few internet cafes dotted across town, with Rose Internet (25B/hour), across from the Central Mosque and Satun Cybernet (30B/hour - T: (074) 72 3560) on Satun Thanee Rd, across from the Siam and Ayudhaya banks. The latter has high-speed internet, fax, and overseas calls.

A few doors down from the Sinkiat Thani Hotel, Satun Laundry will wash, dry, and iron for 5B/piece.

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