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The city of Satun (or Amphoe Mueang Satun to be precise) is home to around 25,000 people in the far southwestern corner of the same-named province. It's 940 km south of Bangkok and only 15 km from Malaysia. The narrow Mambang River runs through town, and mangrove forest sprawls to the south and west. Thammalung pier and boatyard is located 12 km straight south of the city centre.

The main thoroughfare in the northern half of town is Satun Thani Road (aka Highway 406), running straight south before diverging into Burivanich Road (also spelt Buriwanit) at Mambang Mosque. Confusingly, Burivanich becomes Sulakanukoon Road after a couple of blocks, which continues all the way down to Thammalung.

Highway 406 continues north towards Hat Yai, with Highway 416 cutting west to La-Ngu and Pakbara, and 4184 shooting back south to Thale Ban National Park and the Wang Prajan border crossing, located 42 km from Satun town.

A large clock tower stands next to Mambang Mosque at the heart of town. The museum and most of the guesthouses and markets are within easy walking distance of here. A Tesco Lotus supermarket is located a few km north of town along Satun Thani Road, and small lanes cut east and west into mostly residential neighbourhoods off the main north-to-south thoroughfares.

Most major Thai banks have branches and ATMs in Satun, with several located near On's Guesthouse and Sinkiat Thani Hotel on Burivanich. Rose Internet is a cheap internet cafe across the street from the clock tower and around the corner from Satun Tanee Hotel. The immigration office is also located directly across from the clock tower at the northern end of Burivanich.

Satun Hospital is a 10-minute walk northeast of Mambang Mosque on Soi Hathakumsuksa, best accessed by Satun Thani Soi 10. The police station can be found on the east side of Satun Thani Road at Soi 12, next to the Governor's House and an easy walk north of the mosque.

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