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Though a fairly small town, Mae Haad has three small shops with internet access and a couple of travel agencies. A laundry service is also provided at these shops as well as at most bungalow operations. Money exchange is available at Royal Orchid resort, but there's no ATMs at Mae Haad — the closest are at Chaloklum to the east and Haad Salad to the south.

Haad Salad has a couple of ATMs, along with money exchange (at Salad Beach Resort and Green Papaya). Laundry service is provided by most bungalow setups and resorts and a couple of mom and pop operations in Haad Salad. A good selection of internet shops and travel agencies line the streets, and many resorts offer these services as well.

Haad Yao has just about everything a traveller could want. Two good-sized supermarkets at the northern end sell souvenirs, snacks, books and snorkels. Several other smaller shops line the road and can be found at resorts along the beach. ATMs are available along the road and at Ibiza Bungalows toward the centre of the beach. Laundry service is available most places for 40-50B/kilo, and practically every setup now offers internet access. Everyone and their dog also rents motorbikes.

Ao Chaophao has a number of small shops along the road behind the beach which can provide basic groceries and supplies. Several internet shops and travel agencies can be found as well. Motorbikes can be rented just about anywhere for exploring the many beaches on this coast. There is no ATM here, rather you'll need to head north to Haad Yao.

In spite of the sleepy and laid-back atmosphere, most services one could need can be found in Baan Seethanu. Money exchange is available at the Beach Resort toward the centre of the beach, and ATMs are posted outside a couple of shops in the village. Travel services and motorbike rentals are available at most resorts here as well as some independent agencies in town. These plenty of internet access as well.

Wok Tum has limited services available — laundry service is provided by most setups, and internet access can be found Golden Hill and Wok Tum Resorts, but there are no ATMs nor money exchange, so you'll need to head south to Thong Sala or north to Seethanu.

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