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Medical care
In the unlikely situation that you need to be hospitalised, rest assured Surat Thani has some decent hospitals. Likewise the Tourist Police can be very helpful in an emergency. Hospitals in Surat Thani include:

Surat Thani Provincial Hospital

Talaat Mai Rd, Surat Thani (near the TAT)

Tel: (077) 28 4700

Phun Phin Taksin Hospital (private)

Talaat Mai Rd, Surat Thani

Tel: (077) 27 3239

Both hospitals are open 24 hours and have English speaking staff.

The Tourist Police can be contacted anytime, anywhere in Thailand be telephoning 1155. The Tourist Police in Surat Thani can be reached at (077) 20 0133. For the Surat Thani police on Namuan Rd dial (077) 27 2211 or (077) 27 2760. If you cannot find a police officer in an emergency, try the first office or storefront you can find.


Post & Telecommunications in Surat Thani
Post office
The Surat Thani GPO is on the corner of Chonkasem Rd and Talaat Mai Rd.


Internet cafes are scattered all over Surat Thani. Rates are extremely low -- as little as 20B per hour.

Visa runs
The cheapest visa run out of Surat Thani is to head to Ranong, which borders Kaw Thawng, Burma. Most organise such a trip from the islands, but there is no reason why you couldn't do a similar trip out of Surat Thani.

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