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Most visitors arrive in Trang by rail, and much of the town seems oriented around the train station. A long parking lot fronts the station, and is surrounded by hotels, cafes, and tourism agents. If you're looking to book a room on any of the Trang islands, you'll need to book a room here first -- just look for the name of the hotel you'd like to stay at among the crowd of signs. Though many hotels have their own offices, some agents, like Trang Island Hopping, can arrange bookings for rooms on a number of islands, and arrange transfers for you.

The town's main avenue runs from the train station. It begins life as Satani Rd for one block, then switches names to become Rama 6 Rd. Most of the town's hotels, shops, banks, and restaurants are located along this avenue. The road climbs to a retro clock tower, which marks the centre of town. East of here is the imposing City Hall -- in the evening, a busy night market sets up behind it.

Banks are quite common in Trang, with the majority located around the intersection of Rama 6 and Kantang Rd. All have ATMs, and most will happily exchange foreign currencies or travellers' cheques.

There is a 7-eleven on Rama 6 Rd, and numerous smaller convenience stores scattered throughout town. The Diamond Department Store opposite the train station has a small grocery store, though the place looks as though it's seen better days.

Internet cafes are scattered throughout town, with a high concentration on Kantang Rd. Most of these are geared toward local teenagers looking to blast away on video games. To check your email without the rattle of machine gun fire, check out the internet cafe in the lobby of My Friend Guesthouse, off the parking lot in front of the train station.

The Watanaphait Hospital is located on Ratchdamnern Rd, east of City Hall on the way out of town.

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