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Trang town, or "Amphoe Muang Trang," sits smack at the centre of the eponymous province in Thailand's far southwest. As with neighbouring Satun province, Trang has not been affected by the ongoing conflict in Thailand's far southeast. The Andaman Sea begins 50 km to the east of town, beyond the historic Kantang port and coastal beaches of Pakmeng and Hat Chao Mai National Park. Lushly forested mountains make up the province's eastern border, with rubber, palm and rice cultivated over large swathes in between.

Rama VI Road is the main drag through town, beginning at the train station in the west and running east past a clock tower at the busy intersection with south-to-north running Visadekul Road. Most travellers linger around the guesthouses, hotels, cafes and travel offices near the train station.

Kan Tang Road cuts north from the train station and links to Rachadamnern Road, a bustling thoroughfare that runs east before turning into Phattalung Road near an elaborate fountain that features shiny statues of dugongs. Also known as Phetkasem or Route 4, this road becomes a major highway on its way to Phattalung and the Gulf of Thailand, some 70 km to the east. Kan Tang Road also runs south from the train station towards a Tesco Lotus and the airport.

The police station is located on the south side of Rachadamnern Road, just before the dugong fountain and a couple of km northeast of the train station. The main Trang Hospital is four km northeast of the train station on Khuan Han Road, while the smaller Ratchadamnoen Hospital is in the centre of town off Rachadamnern.

All major Thai banks have branches in Trang, with several ATMs found just east of the train station on Rama VI Road. Be sure to stock up on cash if you're heading to the Trang islands, none of which have ATMs. Sri-Trang Hotel has a small internet cafe, and WiFi is available at most guesthouses and many cafes, though it often doesn't work too well.

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