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Everything of note in Ngoc Hoi is along Hung Vuong, the street name for Route 14 as it passes through town. Coming from Dak Glei 50km to the north, the road does a sharp, hairpin turn at the intersection with the road to the Laos border, and another road that leads to Sa Loong 15km away. It doubles back, heading thorough the heart of town, before continuing on south to Dak To and Kon Tum.

The main post office is near the intersection -- the internet cafe is across the street. Accommodation and the bus station can be found 500 metres further 'south' along Hung Vuong. Your closest money options are in Kon Tum.

Main Post Office: Hung Vuong, Ngoc Hoi. T: (060) 832 122. F: (060) 832 106. Hours: 06:30 to 21:00. Long Distance Phone services available.
Internet Cong Nghe Xanh: 18 Hung Vuong, Ngoc Hoi. T: (060) 832 280. E-mail: congnghexanh@yahoo.com

Dak Glei has no banking options, but there is a post office and at least one decent internet cafe.

Phuoc Son is laid out in a grid on the south side of Route 14, in back of the Phuoc Son and Xuan Mai hotels, surrounding a central market place. The post office is across a side street from the Phuoc Son Hotel, on the same side of the highway. The streets are unmarked. Addresses refer to what 'khoi' they are on, but we couldn't make any rhyme or reason out of the system. Places on the same street refer to their 'khoi' by different numbers.

If you're looking for something to do in the evening, there's a good spot for billiards and pool, Cau Loac Bo Billards. It's on the road between the Phuoc Son Hotel and the post office, about 800 metres down on the left, 4,000 VND per game.

Cau Lac Bo Billiards: Phuoc Son. T: (0510) 881 343. Hours: 07:00 to 22:00
Phuoc Son Post Office: Khoi 4, Phuoc Son. T: (0510) 881 800, F: (0510) 881 330. Hours: 06:30 to 21:30. Long-distance phone service available. Internet, 2,500 VND per hour.

The road between Hiep Duc an Route 1A is unexceptional, so at this point your trip is either just beginning or just ending and you might wind up here for a night. Internet is available, but no banking. The post office is located along the road through town -- long distance phone service is available:
Hiep Duc Post Office: Thon 1, Hiep Duc. T: (0510) 883 210. F: (0510) 883 204. Hours: 06:30 to 21:00 daily.

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