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  • Hoi An scams

    Having read what we’ve written here on scams in Hanoi and scams in Saigon and listened to a few sorry traveller tales of Vietscam, I thought maybe it was time to lift the lid on all the terrible things that go on in the sleepy little pocket of Central Vietnam where I live. ... Read more.

  • Hoi An orientation

    Hoi An sits on a peninsula among a cluster of islands on a wide river delta. The main river branch passing through town is called the Thu Bon, but seems to also go by the name Cua Dai estuary. Here's the lay of the land and some helpful details. ... Read more.

  • Flooding in Hoi An in October and November

    Hoi An floods. From late October until mid-December, Central Vietnam is wet, very wet, and some areas of Hoi An’s old town are literally underwater. Oh, and there are typhoons as well. Welcome to high season in Hoi An. ... Read more.

  • Extending your visa in Hoi An

    Compared with Saigon and Hanoi, extending your visa in Hoi An can be a costly and complicated process. Rules and prices change with every travel agent you speak to and prices can spiral out of control if time is not on your side. ... Read more.

  • The best time to visit Hoi An

    Usually low season in a popular tourist destination means rubbish weather and a seasonal shutdown of things to do. In Hoi An, it’s the complete opposite. From May to July, when the crowds thin, it’s perfect beach weather around Hoi An, with temperatures averaging around the mid-30s Celsius. ... Read more.

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