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  • Avoiding scams in Hanoi

    Vietnam, and Hanoi in particular, has been getting a bit of a bashing in the Travelfish.org forum recently. ... Read more.

  • Loss, theft and police in Vietnam

    I've been through the theft part twice while travelling. I had cash stolen out of my bag in China — they sliced it open while it was by my feet on a bus — and a camera and iPod stolen from my baggage on a flight (yes, I know I shouldn't have packed valuables in my checked-in luggage). ... Read more.

  • Surviving Hanoi traffic on foot

    Now I know Hanoi is not unique in its interesting approach to traffic control and street crossings, but from my experience — and I’m sure thousands will agree — it is one of the craziest places to be on the streets, whether on some form of transport or on foot. ... Read more.

  • Dentists and dental care in Hanoi

    Whether you’re struck with toothache or looking for some cheap repair or enhancement work, Hanoi has its fair share of dental clinics willing to help. ... Read more.

  • Medical care in Hanoi

    So the worst happens and you’re involved in an accident or get sick in Hanoi. ... Read more.

  • Getting a haircut in Hanoi

    Neatly groomed hair might not be a priority when backpacking, but most of us need a haircut once in a while. So where’s a good place to get a haircut in Hanoi? ... Read more.

  • Avoiding taxi scams in Hanoi

    As I mentioned in my earlier post on scams in Hanoi, taxi cheats are probably the one thing people complain most about. ... Read more.

  • How much will I spend in Hanoi?

    While Vietnam is still a cheap place to visit, relative to costs outside of the region, inflation has recently been the highest in Asia: it peaked at more than 22 percent year on year in 2011 and clocked in at 14 percent in March 2012. ... Read more.

  • Safety in Hanoi

    Hanoi remains a relatively safe city for visitors, but being aware of some typical hazards will increase the likelihood of you having a hassle-free stay. Here are some things to beware of. ... Read more.

  • How to get a local SIM card in Hanoi

    It’s really cheap and easy to get a Vietnamese SIM card when you get to Hanoi, and if you’re in the country for a while it’s probably worthwhile, particularly if you plan to book hotels in advance. ... Read more.

  • How to get a Cambodian visa in Hanoi

    Getting a visa on entry to Cambodia from Vietnam at one of the international border crossings is straightforward. ... Read more.

  • How to get an Indian visa in Hanoi

    If you’re travelling extends beyond SE Asia and into India, you can sort out a 6 month visa for India in Hanoi. ... Read more.

  • How to get a Laos visa in Hanoi

    For most nationalities, 30-day tourist visas for Laos are available on arrival at airports and most land crossings. ... Read more.

  • How cold does it really get in Hanoi?

    With the temperature dropping notably over the last week and my friend calling me this morning to ask where she could buy a heater, I thought it was an appropriate time to comment on the frequently asked question: “How cold does it get in Hanoi?“. ... Read more.

  • Hanoi Orientation

    While the city is developing a bit of a sprawl, Hanoi's centre can be split into three main areas, all of which are within walking distance of one another. ... Read more.

  • Buying a motorbike helmet in Hanoi

    Wearing a helmet on a motorbike has been law in Vietnam since 2007. This applies to drivers and passengers over the age of six. Officials estimate that about 90% or riders now comply with this law and, given they save lives, you’d be daft not to wear one too. ... Read more.

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