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Nha Trang's city centre contains a plethora of banks, including a few on Quang Trung St, one being Vietcombank - 17 Quang Trung St, T: (058) 825 120, F: (058) 823 806. The bank is open from 07:30-11:00 & 13:30 - 16:30 from Mon to Fri only. It can handle all financial needs including travellers checks and visa withdrawals. Another bank is VP Bank - 26 Yersin St, T: (058) 561 888, F: (058) 561 885, open from 07:30-11:30 & 13:30-17:30, although this one is only good for foreign currency exchange.

The beach area is very well serviced with international ATM's including one opposite the Nha Trang Lodge Resort and one outside Que Huong Hotel, both on Tran Phu St.

Nha Trang's main Post Office is at the northern end of Tran Phu St at 4 Le Loi St, T: (058) 821 272, F: (058) 821 614, open from 06:30-22:00 daily.

The beach area is well serviced by Internet Cafes which also provide international calling facilities. Try Hung Vuong St, next to or opposite the Golden Hotel. Also on Hung Vuong St, Rainbow Bar has WiFi, one of very few places that does.

The hospital is at 19 Yersin St, T: (058) 822 168. Yersin St is a short drive from basically anywhere near the beach.

It's worth mentioning that there are problems along Tran Phu St and on the beach itself late at night. Local prostitutes are more than happy to lighten your pockets, and we're talking about group muggings where even a burly man can be overpowered. If you're heading out til' late, take only what is necessary for the evening, and don't wear any jewellery. If the Mr T look is your thing, at least avoid walking home by yourself in the small hours. Also, be wary of unguarded drinks, stories of spiking are not uncommon.

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