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Accessing Facebook in Vietnam via iPhone and iPod Touch

Facebook is still blocked in Vietnam. Previously, I have explained how to access Facebook from Windows and Mac based computers, but we don’t always want to lug our laptops around town. Here’s how to get on Facebook with an iPhone or iPod Touch.

The easiest way to access Facebook is to change your phone’s Domain Name System number, or DNS. In the Wi-Fi menu, located in Setting -> Wi-Fi select the small blue arrow next to the Network you are using to access the Internet. The network you are using is highlighted with a blue check mark.

Next, simply replace the current DNS number with one of these other options:

Press your home button and you’re done! This option has been previously blocked, will probably be blocked again in the future, and it can be slow; but the blocks are usually short-lived and like I always say, ‘slow Facebook is better than no Facebook’.

Another, more permanent, way to access Facebook that has given me more continued success is through a mobile VPN. There are several options, both free and paid, that work as a more reliable way of accessing blocked sites via iPhone. Using Hotspot Shield I have been able to use Facebook through my phone’s Facebook App without seeing any differences. Setting up your VPN differs depending on which service you use, but they all start the same way.

With your iPhone’s Wi-Fi turned off, open your Network menu located in Settings -> General -> Network.

Scroll down and select VPN, and then choose Add VPN Configuration.

This brings you to the menu where you can input the data you received from your selected VPN.

After you input the data, turn on your Wi-Fi then connect your VPN.

Using Hotspot Shield, a free VPN service, I have been able to use Facebook through my phone’s Facebook App without seeing any differences or any of the annoying ads of its PC version.

That’s all there is to it!

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