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Accessing Facebook in Vietnam (for Mac)

In my last post I looked at how to access Facebook in Vietnam from a Windows operating system. Mac users: it’s your turn today.

Your first option is to change your Domain Name System number, or DNS, which is just like a phone book; it organises computers by replacing their host names with numerical IP addresses. Here are the steps to change your DNS for Macintosh operating systems.

Go to your Network Preferences and select Advanced Options.

Then click the DNS tab, where you will see two boxes.

Now, type one of the following DNS numbers and add it using the + button.

Finally, hit OK. This may take a little trial and error as some of these DNS numbers can be blocked as well.

If changing your DNS doesn’t work, or you are looking for a more permanent solution, you can try editing your host files. This is the solution I personally use but it is more difficult for those who aren’t as tech savvy.

Edit your Host File:

Open your Terminal located in Applications -> Utilities -> Terminal.

Here you will see an old school dialogue box, where you can type commands. Type sudo nano /etc/hosts after the $.

You will be required to enter your password (As a word of advice, it may not look like you are typing anything here, but you are.)

You will be taken to your host files where you can copy paste the following list. facebook.com www.facebook.com apps.facebook.com login.facebook.com graph.facebook.com static.ak.connect.facebook.com developers.facebook.com error.facebook.com vupload.facebook.com upload.facebook.com secure.facebook.com connect.facebook.com channel.facebook.com
When done, press control-o to save the file.
Press enter and then control-x to exit the editor.

Lastly, we want to flush the DNS cache to have our host files work instantly. Type dscacheutil flushcache after the $ and you’re done.

If that does not work, Facebook has a couple more IP address options for you here.

Your final option would be to use a Proxy Server. Please do have a look toward the end of my last post to see how to use one — the steps are the same.

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