Travelfish researchers

Past and present.

Meet some of our researchers

Sorry, no pics, no names -- Travelfish writers strive for anonymity -- but here's some briefs on researchers -- past and present.


A resident Brit in Laos, A has spent over a decade there exploring the country left, right and centre.


A is based in Bangkok, but has travelled to Cambodia, Vietnam and across Thailand covering ground for Travelfish. He's a keen photographer with a penchant for trying just about anything edible.


Californian C was based in Nakhon Ratchasima when our paths crossed and she got up to speed quick smart, covering her home away from home along with destinations in Laos and Cambodia. She's now back on the west coast, but we'd dearly love to have her back in Asia.


A 2010 addition, C covered some well visited and less so spots around Bangkok along with a sojourn to hidden away Chaiyaphum.


C first came to Asia in 1996, when a friend suggested a holiday in Thailand. Those first tentative solo steps out of the nest were the launching pad for a heady love affair with travel in general, with Asia in particular, and Laos most specifically. After a couple of years backpacking Southeast Asia, checking out Europe and the Middle East, and running comedy venues in Edinburgh, she returned to Laos and eventually settled down in her most favourite spot of all: Luang Prabang, where she runs one of the town's best cafes.


Faced with tunnelling out of Cha-Am or coming on board with Travelfish, D chose the latter and has travelled the region top to tail for Travelfish. He's scoured Vietnam in particular with a vengeance, and if the place isn't in your guidebook, chances are he's on the way there.


Phuket resident Brit F put together some nice island research for Travelfish and holds our house record for the most shots of a single bathroom interior: 18!


British-born J is another of our Vietnam hands. Based in Ho Chi Minh City, J uses it as a base to explore the Mekong Delta and other areas of southern Vietnam. He used to be a teacher, but the students never really listened to him, so he came to work with us -- we listen to him a little bit more.


Half Swede, half Malay, living in Thailand, travelling all the time -- M had Travelfish written all over him and was the perfect addition for coverage of Travelfish's sixth country.


UK-born but Hanoi-based, S balances language training with research for TF. She's also very active on the Travelfish forum helping others out.


Our new Singapore correspondent T is well known for her love of travel, having covered southern Thailand for Travelfish. She's now based out of a Singaporean pad rather than a cheap guesthouse, and she'll be adding a lot of new content in the coming months.


W spent way too long travelling around Asia leading groups for a couple of adventure tour companies before he decided to put up his feet and enjoy the sun in Phuket. A year or so later, he started researching for Travelfish and we worked him so hard he needed a sabbatical in the Maldives to get over it. He's now based near Nha Trang.

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