Bou Sra

Quiet Bunong village

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This small town isn't exactly a tourist mecca, but it's pleasant to walk around and see how these people live in a rather remote slice of Cambodia. Some traditional Bunong straw huts are still in existence, while most people reside in large, stilted wooden houses, with higher ceilings than lowland Cambodian dwellings.

The Bunong weaving centre employs women making traditional shawls -- an art almost lost after the murderous Khmer Rouge era -- and these attractive cotton weavings can be purchased on-site for the princely sum of $4 or $5 each. The people of Bou Sra are currently facing slow cultural destruction, as foreign rubber plantations cut down the forests from which they used to forage. These slash-and-burn plantations can be viewed from the road on the way into town -- a not-so-heartening look at Cambodia's possible economic future.

Full day tours can be arranged from most guesthouses which include a stop at Bousra Waterfall, a local coffee plantation, Phnom Doh Kromom Pagoda, Sea Forest, Sen Monorom Waterfall and an English speaking guide. The cost is around $20 per person on the back of a motorbike or $60 to rent a car which can hold up to five people.

Last updated: 24th August, 2014

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Brett spends his time relaxing on the beach while sipping on a mojito or exploring Cambodia and Laos looking for strange and unusual things.
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