Photo: Dirt road travelling near Sen Monorom.

Elephant treks

Elephant treks can be arranged through just about every tourist agency and accommodation in Mondulkiri.

Photo of Elephant treks

Full day treks start at 8:00 and run about $60 for two people, including transport to and from Butang (a Bunong village which is the trek starting point,) lunch, and water. Expect about two hours of riding through the words to reach a small waterfall to eat lunch and wash the elephants. Afterwards, it's another two hour riding trek back to Butang.

Riding an elephant is rather like riding a ship, with a distinct rhythm to it -- you will probably find it either pleasingly soothing or extremely uncomfortable. Elephant trekking is not considered ethical by some knowledgeable people in Mondulkiri, as the elephants, growing incredibly rare in Cambodia, are often overworked, trained with cruel methods, and underfed (regardless of what tour operators may say). Use your discretion and your instincts to determine if animals are being treated ethically if you are dead-set on riding an elephant here.

Last updated on 24th August, 2014.

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