Sunset Hill and Phnom Doh Kromom Pagoda

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Located before the air strip, 7 km down a side dirt road off the road to Bou Sra, this is a great place to ask your motodop to stop after returning from the waterfalls from a long day of trekking and swimming.

You can also stop at Phnom Doh Kromom Pagoda, which is a small temple off the next road to the right heading toward the traffic circle. For the sunset view, on the road back to town, turn right on the road before you get to the the local school.

Head there around 18:00, as the hilltop overlooks the setting sun, with a spectacular view of the rolling hills of Mondulkiri.

Last updated: 24th August, 2014

About the author:
Brett spends his time relaxing on the beach while sipping on a mojito or exploring Cambodia and Laos looking for strange and unusual things.
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