Photo: Banlung's crater lake in the late afternoon.

Waterfalls around Banlung

Cha Ong waterfall Head two kilometres west on National Road 78 until you reach a four-way intersection.

Photo of Waterfalls around Banlung

Turn right and follow the road for about six kilometres to reach Cha Ong.

This is the largest of three waterfalls within close distance to Banlung town and purportedly the tallest in the province. It's 30 metres high and surging in the rainy season. Aside from the peaceful setting, the great thing here is you can climb behind the canopy of falling water in the carved-out cave behind the falls -- check out the graffiti.

Entrance is 2,000 riel.

Katieng waterfall
If you turn left at the same intersection where you turned right for Cha Ong, and follow the signs for around six kilometres you'll reach Katieng Waterfall.

While not as tall as Cha Ong, these falls can be viewed both from above and below, with a suspension bridge offering an especially good viewpoint. Watch out though as the bridge gets incredibly slippery after rain.

Entrance is 2,000 riel.

Kah Chhang waterfall
Follow the instructions for Katieng waterfall but instead of following the river to the right, go left for about four kilometres to reach Kah Chhang.

We stumbled upon an elephant trek when we arrived here and got to watch the travellers bath the elephants in the waters above the falls -- it was an added bonus.

The trail to Kah Chhang is very clay-like and is horrendously slippery after rain -- take particular care -- this is not for novice riders.

Entrance is 2,000 riel.

Bai S'rok waterfall
About 50 kilometres south of Banlung, seven-step Bai S'rok waterfall is popular among locals.

Most of the seven levels of this tiered waterfall have deep pools for swimming in rainy season, while only a couple are deep enough to swim in during the dry season. The trip there takes a few hours, down a decent road to Lumphat then a rough one for another 27 kilometres -- it's close to impassable in rainy season.

The trip is about $20 per day with an English-speaking guide, and can include a stop at area gem mines, an abandoned French school in the former capital and bomb-crater spotting.

Entrance is 2,000 riel.

Last updated on 4th June, 2012.

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