Phsar Tuol Tom Pong (Russian Market)

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This market got its name due to the masses of Russians who shopped here in the 1980s. Though the Russians have disappeared, the bargains haven't. Popular with expats and tourists alike picking up pirated DVDs and CDs, fake designer clothing, handicrafts, real and replica antiques and other knick knacks, and with locals who scout for clothing, hardware and fresh food. It's best visited in the early morning or mid-afternoon as the heat during the middle of the day under the tin roof is oppressive. Bargaining is expected, particularly if you are buying a large number of items. And some might like to note that the days of grass being sold out of hessian bags here have long gone. Do avoid buying the authentic antique ceramics: You'll be contributing to the loss of Cambodia's archaeological history by driving a trade in the excavation of these items in historically important locations by villagers looking to make a quick buck.

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Intersection of Street 440 & Street 155
Last updated: 23rd March, 2013

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  • Not a Russian in sight 4 stars

    28th August, 2012

    With only one day in Phnom Penh and having been tasked by a friend with bringing back as many scarves as I could buy with $60, I was advised by my guesthouse that the Russian Market was the place to go. Chartered a tuktuk to take me there, wait for as long as it took and bring me back to the guesthouse - a cheap way to do it and it worked really well. I enjoyed getting lost and suddenly ending up in the food section, which was a bit squishy underfoot but okay as long as you stayed on the dodgy wooden boards. Lots of interesting sights and smells. After a deal of haggling, I staggered out of there with heaps of scarves, $1 DVDs and local fruits, to find my driver patiently waiting ... I found my way back to the same aisle I entered, more by accident than good mapping skills! I even found an honest DVD vendor who told me not to bother with a couple of newly-pirated copies, as they were poor quality!! A fun way to spend a few hours in PP if you've already 'done' the Palace & the Museum.

    Phsar Tuol Tom Pong (Russian Market) reviewed by redape (1)
    Written on 28th August, 2012, rated 4 out of 5. Visited here in July, 2012

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