Ko Kong island

Lovely beaches

Photo of Ko Kong island, , Koh Kong

What we say: 4 stars

The water at its many beaches is remarkably clear and the setting is pristine (save the general flotsam that washes up onto the beach). Around an hour by fibreglass boat from Koh Kong town, the island is a popular escape for a daytrip from dusty Koh Kong.

While accommodation is not available, we were told that some people have camped on the island. It you choose to camp, be sure to take enough water and arrange with your boatman a time and a place to be picked up afterwards.

Visiting the island for a late afternoon swim then a sunset is a fine way to pass half a day. Trips to the island should include lunch and will not cost more than $25 per person. The island is not usually accessible during the rainy season, and most tour operators only make the trip from October through June.

Last updated: 12th February, 2012

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