Photo: Just another beach on Koh Rong.

Walking and trekking

Koh Rong is a big island -- much bigger than it looks on a map -- and as such, there's lots of trekking to be had.

Photo of Walking and trekking

Gil the Walking Man of Koh Rong has gone off to walk in Africa, but left behind a marked trail which heads through the jungle from Koh Touch village on the southwestern side to Seven-kilometre beach on the other side of the island near Broken Heart Guest House, where there's good sunning and snorkelling.

Start at the Cambodian People's Party sign, go past the incinerator and then follow the marked path. It becomes rather un-path like in parts, but you'll see paintmarks on rocks and trees.

If you don't see a mark for more than 20 metres or so, go back as you're probably off the trail. Wear trainers for this one as it can be difficult in thongs.

If you're staying at Palm beach, it's also possible to walk across the island to reach Seven-kilometre beach.

Another active option isn't really to walk anywhere, but swing your way around the forest at High Point Koh Rong Adventure Park -- a series of ziplines and treetop platforms that opened in early 2014.

Last updated on 7th December, 2014.

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