Photo: Just another beach on Koh Rong.

Boat trips, island tours and kayaks

While you can while away your time laying on the beach, there are a few options for getting out onto the water.

Photo of Boat trips, island tours and kayaks

If you're happier on top of the sea, Rising Sun guesthouse at Koh Touch beach rents out kayaks for $5 per hour. Palm Beach resort, at the north of the island, also has kayaks available for guests and visitors.

Various guesthouses have their own longtail boats, such as Bong's Guesthouse, and run regular day tours when they have enough demand.

Otherwise wander down to the village end of the beach near the piers where various people on the sand will have signs advertising tours -- they all tend to do a similar route, heading off Koh Touch and around to Sok San and back. You can also arrange private hire if you wish.

Last updated on 7th December, 2014.

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