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You can also support local charities dedicated to helping children. M'Lop Tapang is a Sihanoukville-based Cambodian charity that focuses on supporting and protecting street children and their families. (M'Lop means shade or protection in Khmer and the Tapang tree provides shelter from the elements.) The organisation gives parents of former street children the opportunity to make products for their store in order to provide them with enough income so children aren't forced onto the streets. They also offer vocational training for former street children.Visit the M'Lop Tapang shop on Serendipity Beach Rd where you can purchase goods as well as leave a donation. See the M'Lop Tapang website at: http://www.mloptapang.org

The Starfish Project is a grassroots organisation assisting poor Cambodians. Starfish provides direct person-to-person assistance when assistance from other formal organisations is not available. Founded in Sihanoukville in 2000, it has assisted thousands of families with emergency care and development initiatives. Starfish works out of a bakery and cafe in Sihanoukville town. Drop by to buy some cookies, or to have a yarn to find out more about what they're doing. See the Starfish Project website at http://www.starfishcambodia.org.

Cambodian Children's Painting Project aims to improve children's lives through education and artistic expression. They offer art classes, English lessons, computer training as well as health and hygiene training to at-risk youth. Visit their gallery on Serendipity Beach Rd to view and purchase the original artwork. They also have a volunteer programme if you're going to be in town for one month or more. See the CCPP website at http://www.letuscreatecambodia.org

Last updated: 5th December, 2011

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