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What we say: 3.5 stars

Concealed down a back road behind Otres Beach One, you’ll find the new Otres Market happening every Saturday. More a chilled out party where you can find a few odds and ends than a full-on market, you’ll still unearth here backpacker essentials such as fire sticks, books, bracelets, necklaces, any variety of body decorations, sun dresses and even tattoo artists.

Welcome to the barn. Wild animals only please

Welcome to the barn. Wild animals only please

With a real chilled-out vibe, it’s the perfect place to unwind after a long day sunning at one the many fine beaches in Sihanoukville. Expect to find the place jam packed by 20:30 with people keen to see the live music put on by travelling musicians mixed with local favourites, and sometimes well known bands.

On our last visit, as the sun was setting, the first musician took the stage and played a mesmerising acoustic set that really set the mood. The night progressed through a couple of acoustic guitar players, a piano player, and then at around 21:00 a full band took the stage and really livened the place up. Playing a mixture of American classics revamped into an almost swing-style country rock, they got the crowd off their feet and dancing. Around 23:00 a full seven-piece brass band took the stage and rocked the place out with a mixture of ska, dub and orchestra-style horn solos. It’s the only place in Sihanoukville that puts on what feels like a real concert; it’s a welcome change from the usual beachside DJ parties.

Acoustic set

Acoustic set.

The stage and bar are set into a huge wooden building known as The Barn. They also have a large kitchen serving a number of dishes like amok (US$4) and other Cambodian favourites. Around The Barn are rows of little bamboo huts; on one side crafts are sold while the other side has food vendors with everything from pizza ($2.50 per slice) to dumplings ($4 for four), crepes and space cookies ($1-$5). Businesses at the market are foreigner-run, so the food can be a little pricey, but it’s worth coming just to enjoy the euphoric atmosphere of the party.

Now the party is getting started

Now the party is getting started.

Whether you’re a social butterfly or not, it’s easy to find yourself involved in entertaining conversations with many colourful characters. The tranquil, friendly ambiance of the place ensures that people are open to meeting and talking so don’t worry about heading out there alone, as you’ll soon find yourself surrounded by new friends.

Brass band

Brass band.

More details
Behind Otres Beach One
Opening Hours: Saturdays during dry season, 17:00-late
How to get there: Expect a little trouble finding the right road as signage is limited; the easiest thing to do is just take a tuk tuk there are back.
Last updated: 13th May, 2014

About the author:
Brett spends his time relaxing on the beach while sipping on a mojito or exploring Cambodia and Laos looking for strange and unusual things.
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Otres Market
Behind Otres Beach One
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