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Laidback, informative and entertaining; sold as the longest-running cooking class in Cambodia, the Smokin’ Pot lessons also offer excellent value, at only $10 for a half-day, which includes a copy of a cookbook with 12 of the restaurant’s best recipes so you don’t need to worry about remembering everything you’ve just learned.

Sign for the Smokin Pot Restaurant in Battambang

Learn Khmer cooking at the Smokin’ Pot restaurant in Battambang.

Vannak Robie, the owner-chef of the Smokin’ Pot, runs the classes himself, bringing the group through the restaurant’s menu and letting them pick the three dishes they want to prepare that day. Then it’s off to the wet market to pick out the ingredients, all completely fresh.

Robie’s expertise is impressive and he learned everything he knows from a long line of cooks in his family. He is wonderfully generous with his knowledge of the different herbs, spices and vegetables, and this part of the lesson is as informative as the hands-on cooking itself.

Bags full, it’s back to the kitchen for the hard work. Everyone takes part in chopping, grinding, mincing, pounding and slicing the ingredients, before working alchemy on the under the careful guidance of Robie. There is much to learn here, whether you’re a seasoned cook or struggle to man a kettle.

The best thing about cooking, of course, is getting to savour the results afterwards, and this is no exception. Get ready to feast on some seriously tasty dishes, that may even surprise you with how delicious they are.

This is a wonderful way to get a deeper insight into Cambodian cooking and what makes it tick. This class is perfect for anyone who wants to understand more, though Robie himself says that picky eaters may not necessarily appreciate everything about it.

Booking at least one day in advance is strongly recommended.

Smokin’ Pot
229, Group 8, 20 Ousephea Village, Battambang
T: (012) 821 400

Last updated: 6th March, 2015

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