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From the border crossing, a dirt road runs along the escarpment, with the first stop being the remains of Son Sen and Ta Mok's houses.

Ta Mok (also known as the Butcher) was known for many things, brutality amongst them, but looking at his house, architecture was not his strongpoint. Located right by the edge of the escarpment, the views are simply spectacular, but the house -- a greying concrete cinderblock with wire-mesh windows and graffitied interiors is anything but.

Before you reach Ta Mok's, you'll pass the remains of Son Sen's shack. Son Sen, once Pol Pot's closest advisor was murdered along with eleven members of his family on Pol Pot's orders. After they were dead, he had the bodies run over by a pick-up out the front of Son Sen's house. Very little remains of Son Sen's house, though the driveway is still there.

Beside Ta Mok's house there is a small guesthouse with some very well appointed salas kitted out with hammocks. Simple bungalows are $5 a night.

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Around 3km from border
Last updated: 8th April, 2005

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