Terrace of Elephants

Lots and lots and lots of elephants

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As the name suggests, it's carved with lots and lots and lots of elephants. Try to visit here in early morning, when the elephants catch the morning light nicely.

Built during the reign of Jayavarman VII and added to by Jayavarman VIII, the Elephant Terrace makes for an interesting stroll, though during the monsoon the ground near the terrace is often flooded or at least sodden.

The 3m-high terrace includes five staircases — one at the north and south end and three running along its length, with the central set of stairs being the largest. In between the staircases, the wall is decorated with elephants and their mahouts in hunting scenes, along with a generous sprinkling of garudas and lion-like creatures.

The Elephant Terrace once supported the royal reception area and the many garudas and lion-like figures were intended to give the impression that the royal entourage, shaded by their parasols and gold-topped pavilions, were being held aloft in the heavens.

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Immediately to the north of Baphuon
Last updated: 12th October, 2014

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Terrace of Elephants
Immediately to the north of Baphuon
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