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Today the reservoir has been drained and is used for rice cultivation but the island still hosts Lolei and an active wat.

While credited to Yasovarman I, the bulk of the basework was done by his father Indravarman I, who built the dyke and placed the island, leaving his son to build the actual temple completed in 893 AD — Sunday July 8, to be exact. The temples were once all painted white, and you can see traces on some of the apsaras still.

Lolei comprises four brick towers, none of which are in outstanding condition, varying from collapsed to the semi-restored. The highlight of Lolei is its lintels and door jambs, which remain in good nick. Inscriptions on the door jambs explain the date of construction and the division of tasks of the hundreds of servants dedicated to each temple. More interesting perhaps is the site's location within an active wat. A school is next door and students and teachers actively solicit donations on the temple grounds.

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