Phnom Bok

Shaded by frangapani, terrific views

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Along with Phnom Krom and Phnom Bakheng, Phnom Bok is the third of Yasovarman I's hilltop efforts. Once used as a strategic military post, Phnom Bok sits at the summit of the highest hill near to Angkor. At well over 200m high, this is considerably higher than Phnom Krom (140m) and Phnom Bakheng (a mere 60m). While the views here once had considerable military value, today they're far more valuable to the trickle of visitors that make it out here.

Phnom Bok is reached by a road that splits off from the main drag to Banteay Srei. It's around another 8km from the main road.

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Around 25km from Siem Reap
Last updated: 12th October, 2014

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Phnom Bok
Around 25km from Siem Reap
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