Banteay Thom

A walk through the rice fields

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Head past Preah Khan's west gate then follow the signs down a track to the left to the village of Nokor Krao. Once there, park and follow a footpath for a kilometre or two through paddy and scrubland until you hit the temple. It isn't easy to find but the villagers will guess why you're there and will point you in the right direction if you ask for 'Prasart Banteay Tom'.

The temple itself, built during the Jayavarman VII period, is in a fairly ruinous state but two central towers still survive along with a ruined library, an eastern gopura in good condition, apsaras and tapestry reliefs and a surrounding covered walkway with some roof sections. There are a couple of good lintels and some carvings lying on the ground though you can see evidence of recent looting at this remote site.

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2-3km to the northwest of Preah Khan's west gate
Last updated: 12th October, 2014

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Banteay Thom
2-3km to the northwest of Preah Khan's west gate
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