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Senteurs D’Angkor is a gift shop in the centre of Siem Reap, located directly opposite the Old Market. However, this treasure trove of scented natural products made from local raw materials – including soap, lotions, incense, spices, tea, coffee and candles – also has a larger workshop and store where visitors can take a short, free tour to see some of the production processes carried out, which adds a more educational and interactive dimension to your usual souvenir shopping.

Gift boxes from palm leaves.

Gift boxes from dyed palm leaves.

Just a 10-minute drive away, situated on the left hand side of the airport road, National Road 6, the bigger site offers the same array of easy-to-pack-in-your-suitcase souvenirs. The main, central, shop can usually arrange tuk tuks free of charge to take you out there from the shop if you specifically request one.

For those into their arts and crafts, at the workshop you can easily while away half an hour or so to understand how some of the local products and typical souvenirs on sale are made. Senteurs D’Angkor suggests it takes an hour for this tour, but it has taken us much less and we’ve instead spent the rest of our time deliberating over what to buy in the shop.

Soap, not chocolate.

Soap, not chocolate.

Using scents like jasmine and mango the bath products will awaken your olfactory senses, while packaged local spices with handy recipe cards for traditional foods like lok lak and amok make for affordable presents that are simply but attractively presented.

Weaving away.

Weaving away.

A bunch of basket weavers sit on the premises weaving away colourfully dyed sugar palm leaves, which can sometimes be seen outside drying in the sunshine before their transformation into gift boxes. Aromatic candle production and natural soap making take place here too while a small herb garden is on hand for you to identify regional staples such as lemongrass. You can expect a member of staff to guide you around the site and the various artisan activities taking place. There is no cost, nor an obligation to buy something from the shop afterwards, though with prices starting below $5 for small items you probably won’t resist.

Candles and more candles

One of various artisan workshops in town, Senteurs D’Angkor offers one of the greatest product ranges where you’re sure to find something to suit your Mum / Gran / friend / colleague / neighbour / whoever else you need to buy for but don’t necessarily have much space in your luggage for.

Open daily from 8:00 till 17:30, Senteurs makes for a more affordable gift and workshop to the most popular in Siem Reap, Artisans D’Angkor, which deals with more expensive materials and products such as lacquer ware, silver and wood carvings.

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Airport road (National Road 6)
Opening Hours: Daily 08:00-17:30
Last updated: 26th April, 2015

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Caroline swapped the drizzle of Old Blighty for the dazzling sunshine of Siem Reap and she spends most weekends cycling the temple-studded terrain that she can call her backyard.
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Senteurs d'Angkor Workshop
Airport road (National Road 6)
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