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Jemeluk’s eastern headland provides a fantastic scenic vantage point that affords views of the turquoise waters of the bay with the grand Gunung Agung rising behind it.

Many people come here to watch the sun set over Gunung Agung, but the view is also good earlier in the day when you don’t have to shield your eyes to block out the sun and most of Gunung Agung. It’s also earlier in the day when the waters in Jemeluk bay look at their aquamarine best.

Well worth walking up the hill for.

Well worth walking up the hill for.

Come sunset a vendor or two may set up selling snacks and cold drinks (including beer). In fact on our last visit there was probably 50-60 people, a few vendors selling cold beers and of course a guy playing guitar singing Bob Marley. If that isn’t your scene, during the day it is a lot quieter.

Earlier in the day (at a greener time of year)

Earlier in the day (at a greener time of year)

Early birds may enjoy getting up here for dawn, when the sun rises behind you to your right and, on a clear day, you can see the ridges running down Bali’s spine to Pemuteran and perhaps some of the the eastern volcanoes of Java — we guess, as we didn’t get up early enough for this!

Walking to the top of the hill is possible for those without transport staying in Jemeluk (5-10 minutes) or Bunutan (20-30 minutes) but for those further afield you’ll need some wheels. The lookout is at the top of the steep road at the eastern end of Jemeluk bay and there is some dirt parking for bikes and cars. If you do plan to walk up for sunset, bring a torch (or smartphone) as none of the roads in Amed are lit at night and there are no footpaths.

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Jalan Raya Jemeluk (the hill at the eastern end of Jemeluk)
Last updated: 30th July, 2015

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Jemeluk Lookout
Jalan Raya Jemeluk (the hill at the eastern end of Jemeluk)
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