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What we say: 4.5 stars

Seven kilometres east of Candi Dasa, through the village of Bug Bug, you will reach a small sign on the left hand side of the road which points to the right indicating the turnoff to White Sand Beach.

Following the at times treacherous road from the turnoff for another 2km you arrive at a parking area among the coconut trees. Twenty metres beyond this is White Sand Beach (Pantai Pasir Putih).

A white sand beach is a bit of an anomaly around these parts as most of the beaches have either been washed away or are of the black sand variety, but this beach lives up to its name, providing a stunning contrast to the black volcanic cliffs. Because the sand is so white and the water so clean, the colour of the water is a magical deep turquoise colour, rounding off what could be described as an almost perfect beach.

Along the edge of the beach are a bunch of shacks selling food and drinks and also renting out sunbeds with umbrellas for those afraid of the sun. Sunbeds cost 10,000 rupiah for the day or are free if you eat and drink from the vendor. Be sure to ask if the seafood is fresh as they'll sometimes slap up frozen stuff to the unsuspecting.

If you want to head further afield, enquire after getting a boat over to the next bay to the west. We've not seen it in person, but while lazing on White Sand Beach we met a group of backpackers who had just returned from there and they said it was "the business".

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7km east of Candi Dasa
How to get there: It is best to visit White Sand Beach with your own transport although bemos travel past the turn off with regularity and an ojek from the turn off shouldn't be hard to arrange once there. Expect to pay 5,000 rupiah for the bemo from Candi Dasa and another 5,000 rupiah for the ojek from the turnoff on the main road.
Last updated: 27th June, 2011

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White Sand Beach
7km east of Candi Dasa
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