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It’s a bit tedious, the kicking off portion of organising yourself at Waterbom Park: the lining up, the entrance fee payment (phone lines were down for Amex when we were there), the paying for the splash tag (a barcode-marked bracelet that lets you pay for stuff without your wallet), the getting changed, the hiring a locker… But once you’re ready, the well organised, well run Waterbom, set in the heart of the very popular Kuta Beach district, is worth it all.

Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali

It’s not exactly a traditional Balinese activity, this business of climbing up a gazillion stairs to jump on a plastic water slide that takes your breath away as you slither down into lightly chlorinated water, but it’s a lot of fun and Waterbom aces what it aims to do.

There are slides suited for parents carrying their two-year-olds and up, through to the petrifying Climax, which is a little like getting hanged but without the noose. As an added bonus, your legs will get a super workout from all the stair climbing.

Waterbom searches bags upon entry to make sure you’re not taking your own food in, which may be a pain for people on strict diets, though stuff for really little kids will probably be let through. At least the offerings on the inside are decent enough: fast food, yes, but reasonably healthy with a good range of options, from Indonesian nasi goreng through to a very yummy range of pizzas and pastas.

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Opening Hours: 09:00-18:00 daily (closed on Nyepi)
Last updated: 21st April, 2015

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