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Les Waterfall

After a brief drive up to the car park, you will be shown a car parking spot in front of a cafe and told about the mandatory donation, allegedly used to pay cleaners and maintainers of the path.

Photo of Les Waterfall

On our visit, there were no such employees visible and the donation book had countless entries of people donating 100,000 rupiah — don't feel intimidated to donate any more than 5,000 rupiah for your group; but no donation and you may find the wheels of your car missing when you return.

It's a 2km walk up a slight incline alongside the irrigation channel through a forest of banana and jackfruit trees to the waterfall and all but the most unfit will find it a doddle. Still, your heart rate will elevate and by the time you reach the magnificent 40m tall waterfall you will be hot and sweaty, making a dip in the pond at the base a great way to cool down. It's free to bathe here and the water is crystal clear, but very cold. There are monkeys in the surrounding forest so it's best to keep an eye on your belongings when you're swimming.

It's not worth visiting unless you are passing by, in which case it's a pleasant detour to break up the long journey along the hot, dry north coast.

How to get there
It is not practical to reach the waterfall by public transport, but those with persistence may be able jump off a bemo from Singaraja at the turn off to the waterfall and charter an ojek to the falls and back.

Last updated on 12th April, 2011.

Les Waterfall
30km west of Tulamben on the main road to Singaraja

Location map for Les Waterfall

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