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Peace and quiet
Lembongan is a pretty quiet island at the best of times, but my visit through the mangroves was an h...

By busylizzy

What we say: 3.5 stars

Tours can easily be arranged in Jungut Batu town, but it is just as easy to ride up to the mangrove forests yourself (just take the road and follow it till you can't go any further) and arrange a deal with one of the boatmen right there. Once arranged they'll paddle you through either in a jukung or sampan. This is a good trip to do with kids.

Early morning and late afternoon are the best time to do a trip as you'll see far more birdlife but you need to keep the tide in mind. Allow for an hour on the boat.

Last updated: 7th July, 2011

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  • Peace and quiet 4 stars

    9th July, 2011

    Lembongan is a pretty quiet island at the best of times, but my visit through the mangroves was an hour of peace and solitude!

    I hired a boat from a local boatman (60,000rp - I didn't really bargain this time so I'm sure if that was a good price or not?!) and he took me for a slow leisurely cruise through the mangroves.

    What made it so peaceful is that it wasn't a motorised boat, but instead he used a pole to push us along (think of gondolas in Venice). So it was absolute silence aside from the splash of his pole in the water, the odd bit of wildlife fluttering around, and my camera whirring away.

    Bring your snorkel gear and after your mangrove tour, you can go for a swim and snorkel off the beach, then grab a bite to eat at the small beach side restaurant. They'll look after your gear while you swim. I think the restaurant also hired out snorkel gear if you didn't have your own.

    Mangrove tour reviewed by busylizzy (5)
    Written on 9th July, 2011, rated 4 out of 5. Visited here in October, 2009

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