Photo: The cliffs of Penida.

Snorkelling at Nusa Penida

Three main spots are accessible to casual snorkellers.

Photo of Snorkelling at Nusa Penida

The north coast of the island, roughly from Ped to Sampalan, has a number of offshore snorkelling spots (we tried it from near Ped). You can only really do it at high tide and it is a good idea to get a local to point the way out as the seaweed farms can be a formidable barrier (or rather, maze). Once you're out there, you'll find a good reef and lots of fish. Try not to get stranded out here when the tide sinks, as getting back in can be a real nightmare.

Secondly, straight out from Toyo Pakeh (leave from the beach and veer left) are some coral fields and lots of fish with often very good visibility. As you get towards the channel a very strong west to east current flows, so watch out or better still get a boat to drop you at The Wall — this is a dive and snorkelling point a bit further to the west along the Toyo Pakeh strait, and once in you can drift snorkel all the way back to Toyo Pakeh.

The last popular snorkelling point is Crystal Bay. Like The Wall, this opens onto the Toyo Pakeh strait, but this time there is a very pretty beach to relax on.

Last updated on 6th July, 2011.

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