Photo: The cliffs of Penida.

Goa Karangsari

The actual entrance point is a miniscule crawlway at the summit of fifty or so steps from the road.

Photo of Goa Karangsari

Note this is a temple, so if you don't have one you'll need to rent a sarong and sash from the shop at the base for 5,000 rupiah.

Once at the summit you need to crawl through the entrance way into a cavern that opens up to quite a large cavern. There's a shrine towards the far end and then the cave narrows again before you reach the second opening that looks onto a tight lush valley.

To get here follow the round-island road past Sampalan towards Suana. The temple is around 8km past Sampalan and is clearly marked.

Last updated on 6th July, 2011.

Goa Karangsari
8km past Sampalan

Location map for Goa Karangsari

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