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The project, run by the Friends of the National Parks Foundation, has three main objectives on Nusa Penida: the release and protection of endangered bird species and other wildlife, community education, and development and habitat restoration.

They have been most successful in achieving their first objective, particularly with regard to the endangered Bali starling. Through community-based mobilisation they have got all 41 villages on Nusa Penida to pass local regulations to protect the bird and they are now working in a similar regard with sea turtles.

In return, the foundation sponsors children to further their education and runs a variety of community-based education programmes. They have also set up a nursery that the villages can use for the ongoing recultivation of the island.

While ostensibly a bird sanctuary, volunteers are not likely to have much to do with our feathered friends, with work in the nursery, casual English conversation with locals or perhaps monitoring of reforestation sites to be more likely.

Accommodation is available at the centre, and while it isn't the best value, you are supporting the programme just by staying here. And there does happen to be some pretty reasonable snorkelling right offshore.

Last updated: 6th July, 2011

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