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Goa Lawah

One of the nine kayangan jagat (directional temples) that are believed to ward off evil spirits from Bali, Goa Lawah looks after the southeast flank.

Photo of Goa Lawah

This status puts it up a rung as far as ceremonies are concerned and on ceremony days Goa Lawah can be teeming with people — teeming.

Upon arriving in the courtyard area of the temples surrounds, you will be greeted by a flock of sellers, much like seagulls to a hot chip, including those insisting you buy a sarong prior to entering. While a sarong and sash are necessary to enter Goa Lawah and all other Balinese temples, you can rent these for 3,000 rupiah immediately prior to the temple entry point.

Once inside the temple grounds, you are greeted by large pieces of ornate stone carving and a small garden space which gives a tranquil feel and contrasts the busyness of the nearby highway. The inner courtyard of the temple is where the cave is located.

It is said that the cave tunnels deep into the hillside and is filled with countless bats. The bats can be seen from the outside in their thousands hanging from the ceiling of the cave, right above the miscellaneous temple objects.

Apart from appreciating the stonework and the bats, there really isn't anything else to do here and you will be departing again within 15 minutes through those sellers. Worth a visit if you're passing through.

Last updated on 27th June, 2011.

Goa Lawah
7km southwest of Padang Bai on the main through road to Kusamba

Location map for Goa Lawah

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